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Redhawk Racing was designed to unite fiercely loyal Miami University Alumni and Fans around the world with the sport of Thoroughbred Racing. Our goal is to unite loyal Miami alumni while giving back to the University. Forty-four members will share the ownership of three Thoroughbred athletes who will be trained and cared for by some of the industry’s best professionals and who will race at some of the country’s most prestigious racetracks. Together Redhawk Racing Members  will have a front row seat to the exhilarating, heart-pounding, pulse-racing thrill of Thoroughbred ownership and racing, share in ups and the downs of the experience as well as in the bounty of the winnings, and ultimately give a portion of the winnings back to the University.



We believe everyone has a devotion inside of them that deserves to be discovered, enjoyed, and unleashed.


We believe life’s exhilarating moments are better when shared with each other. Together, we can create more value that we can alone.


We believe in giving back to an alma mater who gave so much to us so that the next generation can have just as rich an experience and continue the legacy.


We believe in adrenaline rushes, deep belly laughter, and the joy that comes from creating something together.


We believe in operating with excellence–in how we train, race, and care for our horses, in how we make decisions, and in how we steward our winnings.



To foster Miami University alumni “engagement” through interaction in exhilarating business of Thoroughbred racing ownership.


To structure Redhawk Racing for Club Members in a manner to minimize the risk typically associate with the high risk of owing and racing Thoroughbred horses.


Obtain success at the track by winning races at prestigious race tracks such as Churchill Downs and Keeneland Racecourse.


Maximize earning with an earmark to gift 10% gift of the earnings back to Miami University