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As a Founding Member of Redhawk Racing, you will experience Thoroughbred racing on a level similar to that which a typical sole owner would experience.
  • Morning visits to the racetrack backside to discuss racing strategy, training regimens, and to learn about the racing career of your horses
  • Complimentary admission to racetracks
  • Access to paddock on race day
  • Access to trainer and jockeys
  • Dedicated and complimentary Winners Circle picture (picture with Founder Members only)
  • Complimentary dedicated Redhawk Racing SWAG


In a horse ownership syndication, a group of people comes together to purchase ownership in a promising racehorse. The ownership not only covers the actual cost to buy the horse, but also the annual costs needed to maintain the horse.

However, Redhawk Racing has two major advantages over the typical syndicate model.


Redhawk Racing is structured to minimize risk by capping your investment at the beginning of organization. The capital being contributed not only covers the cost of acquiring the horses ($200,000) but also covers all expenses ($200,000) associated with racehorse ownership for a period of 1.5-2 years. Within that 1.5 to 2-year period the horses will either be generating enough earnings to carry their costs or the horses will be sold. At no time will members be asked or required to make additional capital contributions to Redhawk Racing.


Risk is also reduced by initially including three horses in the Redhawk Racing Club. Not all racehorses make it to the races and most racehorses do not earn enough on the track to cover the operating costs. By including three horses, the success of just one could generate a return. Additionally, we intentionally focused on and acquired three fillies for Redhawk Racing. Due to the lineage of the three fillies (and unlike colts) each will have some residual value after their racing career as broodmares (mommy horses) regardless of their success at the racetrack.